We at SAYN Beauty love practicing mindfulness throughout our beauty routines––in particular pairing the gentle thoughtfulness of making up our face with the equally kind thoughtfulness of bringing awareness to our senses.

Some might think that makeup and mindfulness deserve separate time. However, deeply experiencing and cherishing life is all about seizing the moment, rather than what the moment contains. Now is always the right time.

In that spirit, the following are a few ways to incorporate mindfulness into your makeup.

Reveal your inner light with the GIORGIO ARMANI LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION inspired by charmeuse silk. This luminous foundation glides on weightlessly for a flawless lit-from-within glow to match your personal inner beauty. Use the blender brush for a radiant, air-brushed finish while taking care to breathe in calm and patience—setting a gracious tone for the day.

Contemporary life is so full of criticism and fault-finding, it’s important to give ourselves grace—especially as we wield makeup in front of the mirror. A staple of beauty experts, the CLE DE PEAU Beaute Correcteur Visage Concealer effortlessly conceals spots, dark circles, and blemishes with a light-absorbing formula that blurs imperfections. Balance using this lovely item with a few kind thoughts and steep your mind in knowing there’s no thing as humanly perfection.

Punctuate your routine with attention to your lips. Put on the intensely moisturizing CLE DE PEAU Beaute Lip Glorifier tinted lip balm infusing lips with radiant color—and blow yourself a kiss. Enhancing the natural color of the lips for a radiant, dewy glow, you’re going to look and feel your sensational best with such finishing touches. Directing some good vibes your way likewise sets you on the path for crushing whatever lies ahead.