Beauty is a mind that knows itself. The mind is that interface between knowing and doing. While there are hundreds if not thousands of meditation techniques, the techniques really have little to do with meditation. The practice is in your relationship to yourself. And once you have established the foundation, you can carry out your practice in all different avenues of life.

We at SAYN Beauty particularly enjoy the opportunity provided by applying a mask treatment. While many other beauty rituals may be used, a mask is a time to be deliberate, to settle in, be still, pay attention, appreciate your body, give it grace, and go inward.

Below are just a few of the mask products you may enjoy for how they take care of your skin—and for how they fit into your practice of mindful beauty.

Soothe your skin with the comforting DECLÉOR Organic Harmonie 2-in-1 Cream & Mask powered by organic ingredients including Rose essential oil, Sweet Almond Plant Oils and Centella Asiati. A 100% natural moisturizer and face mask, it’s formulated for red, irritated skin and provides relief while you take a break from all of life’s irritants and just breathe. Absorbing quickly, it has a fresh texture that can be utilized as a moisturizer or skin-soothing face mask.

In just 8 minutes the LA MER Intensive Revitalizing Mask revitalizes, reenergizes, plumps and protects—helping your skin look instantly vibrant. Add to the benefits with an 8-minute meditation for a glow from within.

Masks are also certainly not the domain of the face alone. KERASTASE Densifique Masque Densite Hair Mask features ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid (concentrated to strengthen hair) and Stemoxydine (which mimics stem cells to help awaken dormant follicles) hydrating and thickening your hair. A wonderful step to take while you also apply a face mask—this hair mask will help your hair regain body and mass—while this timeout likewise restores your center.