Dry and Byeee Towels

50 towels - biodegradable

Kiss your salon laundry goodbye!

Tell me more: Save time and money by switching to biodegradable alternatives to traditional salon laundry. These towels are cost effective, absorbent, durable,  eco-friendly; what more could you want?

  • Highly absorbent material allows for amazing drying performance.
  • Leave laundry as a thing of the past! Using Dry & Byeee is more cost effective comparatively than the use of regular towels is using under 150 towels per week on average! 
  • 100% Biodegradable, created from renewable sources of wood fibre. Disposable with normal waste. No excess water usage and zero electricity used, making these environmentally sustainable.
  • 50 towels per pack. Size is 30” x 16” • 76.2 cm x 40.6cm.
  • Perfect for spas, salons, barbershops, and luxury retreats, cleaners, these biodegradable disposable towels reduce laundering and overall budget needs.
  • Luxurious bath towels that are disposable helps your staff focus more on client needs, training, or services and less time on doing laundry.
  • Perfect for a pedicure spa, nail salon, and are fantastic hair drying towels.