12 Days of Glory - Advent Calendar

A Limited Edition Advent Calendar designed by artist Julie White. This box contains everything you need to squeeze, spray and mold your way through the festive season.


  • 1x Therapist Hydrating Shampoo (30ml)
  • 1x Therapist Hydrating Conditioner (30ml)
  • 1x The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask (30ml)
  • 1x Ritual Salvation Repairing Conditioner (30ml) 
  • 1x Ritual Salvation Repairing Shampoo (30ml) 
  • 1x Happy Campers Wearable Treatment (50ml)
  • 1x Root Canal Volumizing Spray (50ml)
  • 1x Liquid Rollers Curl Balm (30ml)
  • 1x Day of Grace Pre-Style Primer (50ml)
  • 1x Salty Dog Salt Spray (50ml)
  • 1x Icon Welder Heat Protection Spray (50ml)
  • 1x Soap Dodger Body Wash (30ml)
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