Mason Pearson

Universal Nylon Bristle Detangler N3

The Nylon 'Detangler' has smooth filaments to make it perfect for detangling wet hair. Great for working out knots and tangles after shampooing (Boar bristles should never be used on wet hair!) Also well suited for all-round use for dense or coarse hair.
Each filament tip is rounded to gently stimulate scalp. 6 rings of nylon bristle tufts, each with 2 short and 1 long filament.
Pneumatic rubber cushion regulates the penetration of each tuft to effectively condition the hair and scalp. Special cleaning brush included.

this hairbrush is handcrafted with the following specifications:

rubber cushion: dry natural rubber (dnr).
handle and base: cellulose acetate plastic.
bristles: nylon tufts.
logo: elegantly embedded with hot foil


length: 8.5 inches / 21.59 cm
width: 2.5 inches / 6.35 cm
head: 4.37 inches / 11.09 cm